LIFE 11 ENV/ES/623 • With the collaboration of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union
  • The GreenRoad project aimed at improving the sustainability of road infrastructure construction sector and set an example for the implementation of sustainable initiatives in this sector is completed with satisfactory results.

  • With the use of rubber-modified (BMC-3B) bitumen it has been calculated that has recycled more than one ton of rubber from used tires.

  • Incorporating temperature reducers, the asphalt mixture production at the asphalt plant was carried out at around 20-30 °C below the temperature used when producing conventional mixes. This result in a lower energy consumption and a reduction in atmospheric emission.

  • The use of GREENROAD mixes will result economically beneficial when aggregates of enough quality are not locally available. In this cases, local available waste materials can be used to replace natural aggregates but maintaining technical performance.


The Greenroad project aims to improve the sustainability of the sector of road infrastructure construction and ...
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Here you can see the latest developments of the project GreenRoad.
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The project includes the following actions:
  • Preparatory Actions
  • Implementation Actions
  • Monitoring of the impact of the project actions
  • Communication and dissemination actions
  • Project Management and Monitoring of the project progress
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